November 16th, 2012.

When was it that it all got so messy? Why is it that our dark side insists on showing up, and screwing up things when we least need it to happen?

Long nights are just like bad traffic. You plan on running away from it, develop your own ways of using short cuts as tools to help you somehow get there without getting delayed or pissed off due to boredom and annoyance…But no…No effort seems to make any difference in such cases. I’ve heard of a theory that would say that normal is abnormal. Being okay and put together only means you do not fit or belong…anywhere. Everybody has their own shadows and ghosts and this means struggling is a big part of the game.  Being able and, besides anything else, willing to put on a fight means you are just okay, you’re just following expectations and fulfilling requirements for running for survivor. 

The bad thing is that one may, on their way, lose their forces and consider quitting as a way of escaping real life. Quitting is simple. It’s so much easier than facing and fighting doubts and fear. Self-sabotage has never been so overrated and never before had people developed such low self-steam as to make them believe that the safety loneness provides them beats any kind of discomfort and anguish a lousy relationship could bring them.

If struggling is part of the game, one should truly consider positive any kind of mess or despair their loved ones bring into their lives. Breathe in and out and live it. Dark days and their twisted nights will keep coming and going. Keep your scars where you can remember them but hidden enough to allow you to move on. Collect your stones...Step off and move on.

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